BlackCSI's Communications and Security Integration Division offers state-of-the-art, secure, open architecture, web based security systems coupled with expert design and installation services. Below is a summary of the key offerings available:

Access ControlAccess Control

BlackCSI offers state-of-the-art, secure, open architecture, web based security systems that integrate access control with video, including DVRs, NVRs, and IP-based cameras.

Alarm MonitoringAlarm Monitoring

Programmed alarm events can be monitored with continuous updates in real-time via a rolling event log screen or through flashing alerts on our interactive mapping software.

Intrusion DetectionIntrusion Detection

Our security systems generate and log alarms coupled with email and/or text notifications when a breach, intrusion, or improper state of a secured area or access point is detected on your premises.

Mobile NotificationMass Notification

Our security solutions can be configured to distribute alerts about the current state of a secured area via a customized e-mail or text message to as small or as wide an audience as necessary.

Surveillance SoftwareVideo Analytics

Monitor live video streams to identify specific events, incidents and patterns of behavior, such as intrusion detection, trip-wire, wrong direction movement, unattended object, asset protection, loitering, scene change, crowd detection, and counting.

Surveillance CameraVideo Surveillance

Our CCTV interface and video surveillance management tools give you the most control over displaying, reviewing and analyzing real-time and recorded videos efficiently.

Visitor ManagementVisitor Management

Visitor Management solution is designed to increase building security and reduce workload on front desk personnel by using the self-service convenience of kiosk and smartphone-based applications. The end result is a safer and more efficient work or school environment.