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Are we really, still, not concerned about cybersecurity in 2021


The recent news on the cyberattack against the Colonial Pipeline resulting in gas shortages along the east coast really got me thinking… “Are we really, still, not concerned about cybersecurity in 2021?” The cyberattack was in the form of ransomware which has now been around since the 1980’s when the first documented ransomware attack took place against the healthcare industry. I do not have to explain the cost involved in such an incident, you can see it firsthand and unfortunately, some of you have experienced it firsthand. As the years go on, the cost of a cybersecurity attack increases.

Let’s face it, technology is and will continue to be one of the most, if not the most, important part of your business. It is one of our most valuable but overlooked assets that drives our businesses to success for a whole myriad of reasons. We should respect it and secure it the same way we would any of our assets. When looking at a cybersecurity solution there is no one simple answer. One simple antivirus solution is no longer “good enough.” Your business needs a layered approach. Multiple different cybersecurity solutions layered on top of each other resulting in the best possible chance of stopping the attack before it starts or at the very least catching it before it causes the most potential amount of damage backed by IT professionals to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Time is money.

At BlackCSI we strive to make cybersecurity the first focus. We can provide the assessments necessary to align our cybersecurity offerings with your business practices by evaluating the risks, financial impact, and critical areas in your day-to-day business operations. Please reach out to sit down with one of our professionals today and discuss what we can do to secure your business.

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