Powerful Spam Protection to Protect Your BusinessSpam Can Be the Root Cause of Many Business Problems 

The average worker in 2020 received a whopping 121 emails per day. More than four-of-every-five of those emails were spam. Email spam has long since been a problem for the small and medium-sized business. For years spam protection meant turning on your filter inside your email program.

Today’s email-based threats demand more attention.

If spam is a major problem for your business—and if you don’t have protection already, it likely is—now is the time to do something about it. The professional IT experts at BlackCSI have an answer to help you reduce the strain that spam puts on your business: our comprehensive Spam Protection service.

Why Is Spam Such a Problem? 

Spam Doesn’t Just Deliver Malware

The phishing attack is the number one scam carried out on businesses today. What if the company that gets hit with ransomware or other malware could go back and keep that email from getting through to the person who fell for the scam? Today, BlackCSI offers spam protection that can keep those attacks out of your employees’ inboxes. This not only eliminates the threat of a malware attack but also saves time. Here are the main benefits of deploying spam protection:

  • It saves the time of your IT staff, who probably spends too much time on email security and maintenance as it is. 
  • It saves the time of your employees. Spam plies up in their inboxes, which in turn stymies their productivity as they have to spend more time ascertaining what emails are actionable and which are disposable. 
  • It keeps threats at bay. 
  • It keeps your email server from being overloaded with emails that are either nefarious or at the least, a waste of time. 

Spam protection serves as a critical part of any threat protection strategy.

Stop Phishing in Its Tracks

Spam Protection Significantly Reduces Exposure to Phishing 

Phishing is the number one method for stealing credentials, disseminating malware, and gaining unauthorized access to your business’ network. If you combine a strong training regime with a comprehensive Spam Protection service from BlackCSI, you can put a major dent into your business’ potential exposure to email-based threats. More than that, our Spam Protection service provides decision-makers the peace of mind that their staff isn’t being constantly exposed to situations where one wrong move could mean major problems for your business.

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about getting protection for your business’ email, call BlackCSI today at (717) 620-3042.

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