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Does Your Company Need a Tech Refresh?

Does Your Company Need a Tech Refresh?

If your team has trouble using the technology in your office, then you might be staring down an opportunity to completely revolutionize the way your business functions through the use of new business technology. It could be something as simple as your hardware being old or your systems needing a reexamination of your business processes; whatever it is, upgrading your business technology can pave the way forward.

Let’s look at frustrations which could be indicative your company needs to upgrade its technology.

Slow Technology Is Holding You Back

Sometimes an employee will get flustered by their technology in the office not being as up-to-speed as their personal technology. Naturally, the longer a computer is used without being upgraded, the slower it becomes, and eventually you’ll experience operational issues as a result. A solid timeframe to consider replacing a computer is the three-to-five year mark, or whenever complaints and inefficiencies start to cost your business money.

We also recommend that you start thinking about server refreshes around four years after you implement a new one. You could probably get away with using the technology for longer, but you should start thinking about making such an important change to your infrastructure well before you actually start to make the transition. Doing so gives you more time to transition over important elements of your operations.

Your Company’s Growth is Outpacing the Infrastructure

If your business has undergone a surge of growth, then getting new technology becomes a priority for your new employees. Naturally, when a business outgrows its current infrastructure, there are many aspects which need to be considered, including a reexamination of the infrastructure as a whole.

For example, legacy software could hold back your team. Old software which is not supported on newer systems makes for a challenging work environment. There are ways around it, but the point we are trying to make is that any business which sustains considerable and consistent growth will eventually see their infrastructure outpaced by their technology needs, so businesses need to be willing to make changes as needed.

You Have a Remote Team Working Off-Site

A remote workforce will be a significant challenge compared to working with individuals in the office. Everyone needs the appropriate technology, for example, and you need to ensure that resources are distributed through the cloud in a way which makes sense. Cloud-hosted services enable remote workers to be just as efficient as in-house ones.

On average, a cloud platform can cut computing and support costs by about one-third, making it a significant cost-saving solution for most businesses. It’s easy to deploy resources and take care of accounts, and with built-in management and allocation tools, alongside Software-as-a-Service offerings, the cloud can’t be beat as an opportunity to implement new technology.

With the right goods and services on your side, your business can turn technology to its advantage. To learn more about how BlackCSI can help you implement new solutions, give us a call at (717) 620-3042.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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